Intake Under Board of Governors 2014: Important Announcement

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The Board of Governors is making a final appeal to the State Education Director on the intake of Form 1 students for 2014. As per all transfers students/parents are required to fill in the transfer form (as in this link) and get it signed by the present school authorities for submission to this office by Friday March 14, 2014. Please attach all relevant supporting documents as required in the form

Jadual Ujian Selaras Mac 2014

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Notis Cuti Persekolahan Bersempena Perayaan Tahun Baru Cina

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The recent PMR 2013 saw MBSSKL producing another set of excellent results. We managed to maintain the top 10 position in KL with an average grade of 1.63, which is the same level as 2012. The total of straight A’s is 21.79% a slight drop from 23.86 in 2012 but the percentage of 7A/8As increased to 44.69% compared to 43.15% in 2012. The best improvement came from Bahasa Cina which scored an average grade of 1.96 compared to 2.37 in 2012. Other subjects hovered around the level with that of 2012. The full analysis of the results from 2000-2013 can be obtained from the following link here: Full analysis: 2000-2013.
The following graphs also depict the school results from 2000 to 2013
PMR Average Grade 2000-2013

Latest Takwim Sekolah 2014

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Parents, Teacher and students can refer to Latest Takwim Sekolah 2014 that will be updated by school administrator via Google Docs. TQ




Important Announcement for Qualified Students on Form 1 Placing in 2014

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As in the previous announcement qualified students (UPSR at least 4A1B or 6A1B) still stand a chance to enrol into MBSSKL for Form 1 in 2014. Based on the trend in January 2013 and the previous years, all eligible students finally were able to successfully enrol into MBSSKL. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the timing as the intake process is handled by the State Education Department. If your son qualifies please download the appeal for the control class to reapply to MBSSKL. All submissions should be made to Unit Menengah, Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Persiaran Duta, KL before 31 December 2013. Also, please send a copy of the filled-up form (by hand, post, fax – 03-2034 1346, or email to the school so that we can follow-up for you with the State Education Department if there are problems with your application

Appeal Form for Control Class 2014