Cadets/Students (Primary/Tunas)

Primary school student cadets, who are also known as Tunas KRS (literally: young KRS) wear the rank badge above the right shirt pocket. The highest rank for primary student cadet is Sergeant.

The ranks for primary student cadets include:

  • Lance Corporal TKRS
  • Corporal TKRS
  • Sergeant TKRS

[edit] Cadets/Students(Secondary)

Secondary school cadets wear their rank epaulettes on both sides of the shoulder straps. The highest rank for a secondary school cadet is Warrant Officer 1.

The rank for Lance Corporal, Corporal are awarded on school-based examinations and varies a lot from school to school. The Exam Card provided in the KRS Handbook (Buku Panduan KRS) is rarely followed. For the rank of Sergeant, students have to attend courses held by the District Education Office and those who passed will be awarded with a certificate stating the promotion of rank. Sometimes, the Staff Sergeant course is held together with the Sergeant course. Cadets who passed the rank of Staff Sergeant will be chosen to attended the Warrant Officer course. The course for Warrant Officers used to be national level and is a very prestigious award for cadets. Normally only not more than 20 cadets awarded with the rank of Warrant Officer 1 nationwide while 50 awards of Warrant Officer 2. Since 2009, Warrant Officer courses are now held state level to provide more chances for cadets and produce more Warrant Officers.

The ranks for secondary student cadets, along with their epaulettes, are:

Lance Corporal



Staff Sergeant

Warrant Officer 2

Warrant Officer 1

[edit] Officers

Ranks are from the lowest to the highest.

  • Cadet Officer (Officer before attending any KRS courses, except for member who are staff sergeant and above)
  • Sub-Lieutenant (Officer after attending Officer Course Level 1 or 5 years membership in krs with STPM/diploma/equivalent certificate )
  • Lieutenant (after attending Officer Course Level 2)
  • Captain (Bachelor Degree)
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigedier General
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General (School Section Director)
  • General (Deputy Education Director)
  • Field Marshall (Education Director)

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