Alumnus Edmund Bon Inspires Students on Graduation Day

Posted on Nov 22nd 2010 at 1:00pm under Events by wongck

Rosette for Edmund upon arrivalGraduating students
Memories are the stuff that dreams are made of, and the dreams of the Form Fives and Form Sixers of MBSSKL saw a culmination on 10 November 2010. Yes, it was their Graduation Day, a day specially set aside in their honour. At approximately 7.30 in the morning, the distant sounds of kompang pierced the air. It grew more distinct and a small procession could be discerned as it made its way up the hallowed hallway to the school “Dewan”.
“Announcing the arrival of our distinguished guest-of-honour Edmund Bon Tai Soon…” the talented emcees for the day Ho Sek Wei and Alexandra enunciated through the PA system. All necks craned to view the entourage consisting of the principal, Mr Wong Chee Keong, the invited guest, Mr Edmund Bon Tai Soon, the PIBG chairman Mr Ron Leong, ex-principal Mr Yong Chee Seng, and the MBS Alumni representative Mr Low Kong Ming walked down the “aisle” and took their places.
The National Anthem and the school song in Malay duly sung, the barrage of speeches quickly started: Ng Wai Lam representative for Form 5 Science stream took the podium first, followed by the Arts Stream Form 5 Representative, Mohd Alif Danial bin Mohd, Chua Wanji for the Form 6 Girls, Dhilip Kumar for the Form 6 Boys and closed by the witty, light and interactive speech by the Captain of the school, Pavithran Nair, the natural speaker that he is. All speeches were excellent, with hints of nostalgia, twinges of heart-stirring unforgettable moments and gratitude to the educators for being their guiding light. All these will become indelible and will be looked back on with fondness.
The PIBG chairman Mr Ron Leong then delivered an stirring speech with the quizzical theme “MBA”: not you’re typical Masters of Business Administration but Mental Picture, Believing in Oneself and Action mantra that one can apply in one’s life for a successful action plan. This was followed by the principal Mr Wong Chee Kheon’s speech that touched on being pillars of society and not forgetting one’s roots especially that of being an MBS boy. Finally the guest-of- honour, Oxford educated Mr Edmund Bon Tai Soon gave a inspiring speech that exhorted boys to uphold the 5 tenets of the Rukunegara (Nationhood) and know our constitution well. He also asked students to always treasure the rights given to us and to fight for what one is entitled to. He regaled students with anecdotes of his fair share of brushes with school rules and early days of trying break ‘laws’ just to see if he could get away with them!!
After such a thought-provoking speech, the much awaited ceremony of giving out of certificates for 100 percent attendance, President’s Council, and Societies, was swung into action, culminating in the presentation of souvenirs from the Form Teacher to the students and a song by the students beseeching teachers to accept them as they are since nobody is “PERFECT”, the title of the song. As expected, teachers lined the halls to shake the hands of the graduating students and send them off on to path of their chosen future accompanied by the strains of the soulful “Auld Lang Syne” evoking sadness tinged with the regret of separation and the fact that school days are over, and they are ready to embark on the next phase of their adult lives with trepidation and expectation. Tears flowed freely and hugs were given warmly. What does the future hold?
Everyone adjourned to the terrace for a photo session which soon escalated into impromptu photo shoots that will go down in one’s own annals of history as the day they graduated from Form 5 and Form 6 in MBSSKL.