Admission of students under the Control Class (Kelas Kawalan)

Posted on Dec 16th 2016 at 10:11am under Announcements by wongck

For those students who had applied under the above channel, please refer to the MOE website or the Primary School to check if you are successful in your application.

If you are not successful and wish to appeal to the State Education Department, please fill in the forms which can be downloaded HERE and submit to:

Unit Sekolah Menengah,

Jabatan Pendidikan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Persiaran Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin

50604 Kuala Lumpur

on or before 30 December 2016

If you wish to put on the waiting list of the school, please key in the on-line form here. The school will contact you on how to appeal when vacancies arise. Please DO NOT key-in if you have applied on-line for the niche area placement. Your details would already be in the application for admission database


List of successful students under the Niche Area intake for Form One, 2017

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The following students are successful for the intake of Form 1 for 2017 under the Niche Areas of this school. Please note that while the selection was mostly based on their achievement in the niche areas, due  consideration was also given to the UPSR results . These students will be receiving the letters of approval from the State Education Department soon. There is no appeal for the application under the niche areas, but there is a list of reserves. Students on the reserve list may be asked to apply for admission should there be vacancies later on.

If you wish to be placed under the waiting list, please key-in your details HERE.

Please DO NOT key-in again if you had applied on-line under the niche area intake

Also some candidates may have very strong credentials in the niche area but are not listed here. They may have been selected by the State Education Department under the control class admission. Please call our school or your Primary School to check if you have selected under the control class. We are not allowed to publish the full list of the control class candidates as per instruction by the government

Parents of successful students please come to the school office between now and 23 December 2016 to acknowledge your acceptance.


  1.    Chong Bok Siong     –     SJK(C) Connaught 2, Selangor
  2.    Calvin Phang Wei Xiang     –     SJK(C) Salak South
  3.    Joash Yim Sheng Zhou     –     SJK(C)  Salak South
  4.    Yap Chung Yeen     –      SK Seri Setia
  5.    Lueh Yi Hong      –     SJK(C)  Lee Rubber
  6.    Ruvesh a/l Rathakrishnan   –   SK Bukit Bandaraya


  1.    Jonathan Siew Zunxian  –  SJK(C)  Chung Hwa (P)
  2.    Tengku Ariff Shah bin Tengku Shahrir   –   SK Alam Damai
  3.    Vishnu a/l  Mohan Kumar   –   SK Danau Kota
  4.    Christopher In Zhou Han   –   SJK(C) St Teresa
  5.    Avinash Ramash Lakhwani  –  SK Taman Melawati


  1.    Ang Wei Bo   –   SJK(C) Connaught
  2.    Lee Yong Quan   –   SJK(C) Jalan Davidson
  3.    Chew Zi Yang   –   SJK(C) Batu 9, Cheras
  4.    Isaac Lee Shang Zhe   –   SJK(C) Kuen Cheng (1)
  5.    Kendrick Chan Shi Liang   –   SJK(C) Jalan Davidson
  6.    Tan Xi Honn   –  SJK (C)  Taman Connaught
  7.    Cha Yoon Kang   –   SJK(C) Lee Rubber
  8.    Aaron Lai Wei Zheng   –   SJK(C) Jalan Davidson
  9.    Loo Yee Hern   –   SJK(C) Taman Connaught
  10.    Andrew Poh Yang Jun   –   SJK(C) Jalan Davidson
  11.    Ivan Chan Zi Kin   –   SJK(C) Lee Rubber
  12.    Woo Kah Ming   –   SJK(C) Nam Yoke