MBSSKL Chess Open 2017

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Online Registration for 12th MBS Chess Open 2017 is now CLOSED

The 12th edition of the Methodist Boys’ Secondary School Kuala Lumpur Chess Open 2017 [MBS CO 2017] on Saturday, 22nd July, 2017 is now CLOSED.

The MBS Chess Open 2017 Registration brochure and Tournament Rules & Regulations are can still be accessed for your reference.

Please check your registration by clicking on the LIST OF PARTICIPANTS link below.

A short recap of the tournament’s Rules and Regulations :

On 22nd July, all participants must report to the Confirmation of Players Counter at least 30 minutes before the start of Round 1. Failure to do so may result in immediate disqualification from the tournament.

A tournament briefing by the Chief Arbiter will start at 0830 in the school hall and the first round starts at 0900 sharp.

Failure to play in any round will result in immediate disqualification unless prior notification was given to the Chief Arbiter.

All players must play in seven rounds to receive the certificate of participation.

Players must record all moves, both White’s and Black’s, played until the player has 5 minutes remaining.

See you there on this Saturday!!


MBS Chess Open 2017 Brochure

Rules and Regulations

Online Registration CLOSED

List of Participants


EMAIL: mbschess@gmail.com

Calling all Lower 6 applicants for 2017

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Form 6 has been the forte of MBSSKL for the past 60 years. Year in and year out, we have produced outstanding results in the STPM, and many of our students have been award winners at the national level. For the STPM 2016, two of our students Ooi Hong Tek and Ho Kai Yee were national award winners.  Our results speak for ourselves and top foreign universities like Hong Kong University, Nanyang Technology University and National University of Singapore have come to MBSSKL to sought after our students.

For students who are interested in enrolling in Lower Six in MBSSKL in 2017, please fill in the form below:

Lower Six Applicants

Please bear in mind that filling in the form does not mean you are ensured of a place in MBSSKL. It is just for us to contact you should there be vacancies so that we may advice you further on how to secure a place. All approvals are decided by the State Education Department.


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Untuk makluman ibu bapa dan pelajar , satu program Parenting Skills Talk bersama Mr. Paul Jambunathan akan diadakan pada 8 April 2017 di Dewan Kuliah MBSSKL. Sekiranya berminat menyertai, anda boleh memuat turun borang melalui link yang disertakan di bawah. Atau boleh berjumpa dengan Kaunselor sekolah Pn. Ng Choy Har dan guru disiplin En. Thennarasu A/L Panir Chelvam.

Borang Jemputan Tautan Kasih

Admission to Control and Non Control Class for Form 1, 2017

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Please use the forms in the link for application to the Form 1 classes. These forms are also available in your present school.

Application forms for admission for students from government schools

Application forms for admission for students from private/international schools

All forms are to be submitted to the school office by Tuesday 18 April 2017



Pelajar SPM 2016

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Perhatian kepada pelajar SPM 2016,

Keputusan SPM 2016 akan diumumkan pada 16 Mac 2017 (Khamis). Pelajar-pelajar perlu hadir dan berkumpul di Dewan Sekolah bermula pada pukul 9.50 pagi dengan berpakaian kemas dan berambut pendek. Pastikan pelajar menjelaskan bayaran PIBG, majalah, Profil kelas, Iklan dan Denda Nilam serta memulangkan buku teks.

Tolong pastikan pelajar memulangkan kad Mesrathon bersama wang kutipan kepada guru Tingkatan. Kad Mesrathon yang hilang perlu disertakan laporan polis dan bayaran denda berjumlah RM50.00. Setelah semua urusan selesai, baharulah slip keputusan SPM akan diedarkan. Majulah MBS!

Admission to Control Class in Form 1, 2017

Posted on Feb 15th 2017 at 9:57am under Announcements by wongck

Students with at least 3A’s (SK) or 4A’s (SJKC/SJKT) in the UPSR 2016 are encouraged to apply for places in the control classes for Form 1, 2017. Vacancies are still available.  Please use the normal transfer forms which are available in your school office. A copy of the forms can also be downloaded here. These forms should be submitted to Unit Menengah, Jabatan Pendidikan Wilayah Persekutuan, KL, Persiaran Duta, 50604 Lumpur.

If you wish MBS KL to appeal on your behalf you may submit a copy of the transfer forms the school office by 28 Feb 2017