The Most Successful Family Day Carnival in MBS History

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July 24 2010 proved to be a very memorable and joyous day for MBSSKL. The whole school, including the PTA had worked hard leading to the carnival. Tickets sales, stalls, food, sponsorship, games, cleanliness, parking, etc,etc were issues to be worked on before the day. But feedback from the crowd gave the best satisfaction for the hard work put in. Many are of the opinion that never in a school carnival the place was so clean and well organised with so many stalls in such a joyous and cheerful occasion. The day started with the students and teachers gathering and laying out their food items and the others getting ready their games stall. The crowd sized up at about 9am. At exactly 10am, the Lion Dance Troupe staged a splendid performance to welcome the Methodist Schools alumni from all over Malaysia and also two alumni from Hong Kong. This was followed by the traditional kompang welcome. The entourage was then taken to visit the food and games stall area and the 1st KL Company Boys’ Brigade staged a few formation tunes to the delight of the crowd. The total revenue from the carnival was in the excess of RM110,000 and all stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, alumni had played their part to make it the most successful carnival in the history of MBSSKL.DSCN0548

5th MBSSKL Chess Tournament

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2 chess

MBSSKL Family Day Carnival: Calling All Alumnus and Well Wishers

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Banner Family Day 2010 Final

Alumnus Goh Soon Sinn Officiates Speech Day

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The speech day on 17 April 2010 was another day which was graced by a prominent alumnus, this time none other than ‘WATERCO’ Goh Soon Sinn, the man who started the famous WATERCO filter in Australia and later parts of Asia, including Malaysia. Incidentally, the company controls a third of the Australian residential swimming pool equipment market, and employs 650 people worldwide. Mr Goh was given a warm and rousing welcome with a song by the Boys’ Brigade and then inspected the guard of honour formed by the uniform units of the school. After the inspection, he was given the traditional kompang welcome before proceeding to the hall. Seen together in this occasion were Mr Chooi Mun Sou, the chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Peter Yap, the Vice President of the MBS KL Alumni Association, Mr Yong Chee Seng, ex-principal and also Mr Michael Fu, an alumnus from New Zealand. In his speech Mr Goh touched on his early days in the school and how the Science knowledge and skills learnt in school had been found to be useful in his work as an entrepreneur in an engineering and construction company. He continued to say that he was not a prize winner during his school days but with sheer hard work, determination and the values he acquired in MBSSKL, he was able to build his company to what it is today.

Alumnus Prof. T Vasudevan Officiates Sports Day

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The School Sports Day on 10 April 2010 saw the return of alumnus and ex-teacher Prof. T Vasudevan to officiate this grand and joyous event. The morning did not start well as the rain had poured overnight and drizzled continuously until about 9.30am. But that did not dampen the spirit of the students and teachers. A lot of hard work had been put into its preparation.

The program kicked off with the announcement of the arrival of the guest-of-honour. All present were then requested to stand to sing the National Anthem and the Malay version of the school song. The much awaited March Past followed, with the the Boys Brigade leading the Uniform Units and the Sports Houses. Professor was requested to step forward to the podium to receive the salute of the March Past. The symbolic flag raising ceremony followed to indicate that the start of the competition.

Next, was the oath taking ceremony lead by the school sportsman and Professor was then introduced to the contingent of the sports houses accompanied by the Principal.

Professor gave an inspiring speech before declaring the sports officially open. In his speech he gave a brief history of himself as teacher under Mr T Mori and how he managed to bring the glamour of sports to MBS, making it the champion on a number of events. He encouraged the students to excel in their sporting endeavours and always show respect to their teachers.

All the events went on smoothly with the final one being the tug-of-war between the parents and teachers.

The champion sport house went to Foong Wah, which also won the best March Past. The best decorated house was Goh Tong and the Boys’ Brigade won the best March Past for the uniform units category.

Graduation Day 2009

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A day all students will look back on with cherished fondness and pangs of nostalgia.   23rd October 2009 dawned bright and clear and the activity was focused in the hall, the venue of the event.  A buzz of expectation could be heard among the 5th and 6th Formers for whom the graduation was held in their honour….for, at 7.30 a.m. the VIPs’ arrival was heralded by the staccato beat of the kompangs as the colourful fronds of the bunga manggar became visible.


Speech by Wong Poon Ming

Poem & Speech by Dr.Ho Shu Nam