Cluster School

MBSSKL was declared as a cluster school of excellence on 2 April 2008. There are three niche areas to be developed under this program: ICT, English and Chess. Numerous activities have been held since then and we are proud that there have been commendable achievement in these niche areas.

After three years as a Cluster School, MBSSKL has shown great achievements the three niche areas. MBSSKL is now a 5 star Smart School under the MOE’s Smart School Quality Standards. Most of the schools in this category are government sponsored Smart Schools, but yet MBSSKL made it to this category with only partial assistance from the government. It continues to be bench marked by local and foreign schools in the implementation of ICT.

In English, MBSSKL won the prestigious UIA national debating championship in 2010 and again the inter parlimentary debate in KDU a few weeks later. Three boys have continuously shine in the debating championship: Michael Fork, Viknaraja and Pavitharan. This year (2011), though, MBSSKL failed to defend the crown in the UIA debating championship (we were placed fifth). Viknaraja was voted as the best speaker in the KDU Inter parlimentary debate held in June 2011.
In Chess, MBSSKL boys formed the largest group in the KL team that went for the MSSM competition in Penang this year (2011). Our boys helped KL win the U-15 title and the runners up title in the U-18 category. Yeap Eng Chiam, the internationally rated player, continue to bring glory to the school. He won the Penang Chess League championship in 2010 and was voted Best Penang Chess Association member (a membership he joined when he was young)
Yeap Eng Chiam_Pg Chess League

11 February 2009 was a day to remember as a cluster school. Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad, a former Director General of Education and now the head of the Cluster School Advisory Panel made a visit to MBSSKL together with officials from the Ministry of Education and State Education Department. The whole entourage was very impressed with the development and achievement of our niche areas – ICT, Chess and English Language. Tan Sri made a few suggestions for the improvement of our niche areas:
(a) MBSSKL must form partnership with good schools overseas.
(b) The option of allowing the students to take O Level English should be explored
(c) The benefits of the niche area should reach as many students as possible
(d) Single session should not be construed as only extension of morning session only. Students must be involved in meaningful programs in the afternoon.
(e) Momentum for improvement must be maintained