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17th National SPM Bible Knowledge Oral Quiz 2013 and BK13 Quiz

Posted by christianfellowship on May 27, 2013


The 17th National SPM BK Oral Quiz

(i)is a team quiz which is open to students in Forms 4 and 5, especially for those who are taking SPM Bible Knowledge (9221) paper.

(II) tests students on their knowledge of the book of Luke and The Acts of the Apostles – (Good News Bible version, which is the syllabus for the SPM Bible Knowledge 9221 paper ).

This quiz is carried out in TWO stages:

Stage 1: Regional Quiz (6th July 2013 at Regional Centers* )

  • Part 1:
  • Each team comprises 2 students who MUST** be from the same school.
  • 50 objective questions to be answered individually, in 40 min.
  • Papers will be marked and marks announced at TCF and SU website. Marks are added together for team totals (maximum of 100 marks) to be carried to Stage 2.
  • All participating teams are eligible and encouraged to enter Stage 2.
  • Certificates of participation will be awarded to all Part 1 quizparticipants.

* See list below for this year’s Regional Centers.

**Register with a Bible-reading school-mate if you are the only BK candidate from your school. (Your

partner can be from another Form – we allow mixed teams with combinations of F3-F5 students).


Stage 2: National Quiz (3rd August 2013 at SMJK Katholik, Petaling Jaya)

  • Part 2:
  • All teams who have Part 1 scores are eligible to enter Part 2.
  • 10 short oral questions, answers to be written down, team members can confer. Maximum score is 40 marks.


  • Part 3 (Semifinals):
  • The top teams from Part 2 [top 12 Selangor teams, top 9 WPKL teams, top 6 teams from the North, and the top team (minimum) from each of the other states, take part – others are eliminated.
  • 7 oral questions, 5 marks each,answers to be written down, team members do not confer. Maximum score is 35 marks.


  • Part 3 (Finals):
  • Top 5 teams from Semifinals enter the Finals.
  • Begins with 3 speed round oral questions (Total: 15 marks) and ends with 1 context question (10 marks) where conferring is not allowed. Maximum score is 25 marks.



  • Certificates of participation are awarded to all participants.
  • Trophies/medals to Top 5 National Champions and Top 3 State Champions***.

*** A State competition requires a minimum of 3 schools from the State.


What is BK 13 Quiz?

  • This is a shorter, side-quiz that takes place on the same day as Stage 2 of the National SPM BK Oral quiz, i.e. 3rd August 2013 at SMJK Katholik, Petaling Jaya.

  • This year we will hold Regional BK 13 Quiz in Ipoh, Miri, Melaka and Labuan on6th July 2013.

Who can take part in BK 13 Quiz?

  • It is open to all students from F1 to F6 and school-leavers who are studying in colleges.

  • All quiz-day helpers are also required to participate in the BK13 quiz.

  • Teams taking part in stage 2 of the 17th National SPM BK Oral Quiz may NOT register for this quiz.

  • Participants compete as individuals.

What is the scope and format of BK 13 Quiz?

  • Texts tested for BK 13 are

  • (i) The Gospel goes to the Gentiles (Acts 9 – 18), and

  • (ii) Ministry of Jesus (Luke 6 – 20)

  • Format of BK 13 Quiz: 50 objective questions to be answered in 35 minutes.

What prizes are awarded for BK 13 Quiz?

Certificates and trophies/medals will be awarded to

  • Top 10 participants from each Form (Form 1 – 5)

  • Top 3 participants from the Veterans category (Form 6 and College students)


To all teachers and students,

The BK Quizzes are student-friendly, fun events. They are NOT exams.

Last year’s individual quiz (BK12) saw excellent scores from Forms 1-6.

Oral quizzes get SPM BK candidates to notice details, major events and God-moments.


Get into the Word now… God speaks to the reader, the seeker, the Bible scholar !