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The RM 1000 IT voucher

Posted by on January 27, 2010

After discussing with the Executive Committees, teacher advisors and Mr.Chin, we have finally came into a conclusion on how should we utilize the RM 1000 IT voucher that we won last year for the best school website designing.

Our previous president, Madam Thoong Kit Yee, and our previous vice-president, Master Benny Tham Chew Hol had done a great job updating and sorting out our website. It takes a great deal of time and effort manage this web and keep it up-to-date. Of course, credits will be given for their sincere contribution to our club’s development.

First of all, we would buy the previous Executive committee board each a 4GB pendrive, and the webmasters, Madame Thoong Kit Yee and Master Benny Tham Chew Hol would recieve a 8GB pendrive instead of a 4GB one. This is because they are the 2 webmasters that had been designing, updating, decoration, managing and improving this website.

As for the extra money, we would buy IT accessories, and items that can be used as prizes for winner for the coming Musical Instrument Competition 2010 and MBS Idol 2010.

Of course, we would also but some pendrives, if possible, for selected club members that we think had contributed a fair amount of effort in our club if we have the budget to. And last but not least, go forward MBS =]

~Zhen Yi~