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The little boy from Foong Wah Sports House had to bring a bag to carry his many medals on Sports Day and now finds that the bag is not big enough to accommodate the many accolades and awards he is receiving nationally and internationally. Hisham was a Junior Sports Man winning medals for tracks, hurdles and jumps. Now, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham has been conferred the title of a federal DATUK, 2 Dato and 2 Dato Seri and by special appointments Honorary Fellowship and Doctorate in Malaysia, London, Edinburgh and Perth, Australia. He has also been invited as guest speaker or lecturer all over the world including Hong Kong, Colombo, Japan, India, Tasmania, Singapore, UK and Australia.

Datuk had a humble beginning. He was brought up by his amazing mother after his parents separated since birth. His mother worked hard as a cleaner to provide for him and his sister. They used to live in Loke Yew Flats and he had to walk to school. His mother asked the teachers to use the cane on him if there was a need for it! I was overwhelmed that Datuk actually could rattle off so many of his teachers’ names including some who had taught him since primary school. Although the teachers were very strict then, but they guided and taught the students too.

Datuk shared so many fond memories of his days in MBS. As a leader in the Cub Packs (junior 10th KL boy scouts), he was involved as a ball picker at the Merdeka Cup. He and his cub members often met legendary players like Mokhtar Dahari, Shukor Salleh and Soh Chin Aun in the changing room. The influence must have rubbed off on Datuk and he was quite a goal keeper in school. The scouts had to participate in “Job Week” where the cubs had to go from house to house to do jobs and get paid for them. He recalled that he and the scouts won the best sketch in an interschool KL competition and the title was GOOD DEEDS. Datuk was amused that he often had to repair his friends’ haircut after the boys were punished by the Discipline Teachers for inappropriate hair style. Datuk was a monitor from Form 1- Form 3 (1978). He left for residential school when he entered Form 4 Science 1.

Was there even time to study? Surprisingly, a resounding yes. Datuk said that he and his friend could memorise the whole Tawarikh (now Sejarah) book in Standard 5. He attributed it to studying with friends and a fast mind.

All his participation and activities in school had helped him to be independent, self-sufficient, resourceful, mature in engagement with others and to have good communication skills. The charity work he did helped him to be familiar with many areas around KL and also to be able to relate to people of all races.

Any word of advice from the Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan Malaysia for the struggling HOs and MOs? Datuk recalled there were days when he himself was on his feet with hardly a break at the operating theatre from 8.00 am – 10.00 pm. His advice? “Perseverance” and this from a distinguished doctor who has walked the mile.

Written by Gan Swit Peng

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