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The sixth child among 8 other siblings, Parameswaran was reminded by his parents since young that “I won’t defend you. You defend yourself”. This is the philosophy which he uses in life – to be accountable to himself. His father was a gardener at the Prime Minister’s residence. The Prime Minister then was Tun Hussein Onn.

Datuk Parameswaran Ganason, class of 1975 (MCE) worked after class in Form 3 to subsidise his family’s income.  He was paid RM 0.50 per hour for picking tennis balls at Selangor Club. Even as a young boy, his good work values and ethics won him favour in the eyes of the tennis coach and the expatriate club members. They bought him a racquet and the coach gave him lessons for free. Datuk did not disappoint them as he went on to play for Selangor in 1979!

Datuk was grateful to the teachers in MBS (both primary and secondary) who super strict as they were also encouraged him. In particular, he remembered Mr Eric who constantly reminded him about his parents’ simple background and how he had to rise up above that to help his family. Another teacher, Mr Alex challenged him to “fight for what you need” and ‘not to give up hope”.  Datuk remembered only too well those days in MBS when homework if not completed or the required book was not brought, the student would receive a well deserved slap. He was an unfortunate recipient on more than one occasion. The school under the leadership of Mr T Mori organised night tuition (7.00 pm – 9.00 pm) to help the students and which he attended.

One day when Datuk was in Form 5, Tun Hussein Onn approached him, “so what do you want to do?”  Despite his busy schedule, the then Prime Minister was personal enough to enquire of a gardener’s son. Whatever opportunities given to him, Datuk certainly did not disappoint.

Since then, some of Datuk’s outstanding achievements include the Model Employee for Indah Water Konsortium (1995), CEO-CIDB in Ventures India Expressway Highway 110 km (1999) and Executive Director of Syabas (2015). An advocate of life-long learning, Datuk is on schedule to complete his PhD in Engineering Management (2021).

Today Datuk is busy helping out many NGOs. Just to name a few. He is the Vice President of Persatuan Rakan Keamanan Malaysia (PEACE) and Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Istimewa Malaysia. He is currently the President of Malaysia Water and Waste Water Quality & Safety Association. However, most importantly, Datuk, formerly from Horley Sports House is busy as our PTA Chairman for the current term 2019/2020.

Welcome back Datuk Parameswaran Ganason! Once an MBS boy always an MBS boy!

 Written by Gan Swit Peng

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