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Prof. Lang Chim Choy, fondly known as CHIMPANZEE by his MBS mates (class of 1976) is a world renowned consultant cardiologist with training in clinical pharmacology and a whopping 10295 citations to date and still counting. He is currently the head of a Division in the University of Dundee Medical School. His research is defined by its distinctiveness and ground-breaking practical applications to improving the health of patients world-wide. His work with Prof Struthers is now used as an international guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure and has helped saved countless lives. For a man of such achievements, he is extremely humble.

Prof Lang is an MBS thoroughbred as he attended both the primary and the secondary school fully. Those years at MBS were his happiest times, making life-long friends where he learnt the importance of respect and good fellowship. He is indebted to the many dedicated teachers in MBS. He won the bronze in the 800 m when he was the Loke Yew house captain (1975).  His advice to the students is to ‘enjoy school!’.

Prof Lang (2nd from left), Dr. Anna Maria, his wife who is also a cardiologist (3rd from left) and Dr Zaid Iskandar (far right), a Malaysian trainee in cardiology

His encounters with two exceptionally kind doctors (Dr Low; Low Clinic, Jalan Bukit Bintang and Dato Dr Kew; KLGH) whose compassion for him and his mother planted the seed of interest for medicine when he was growing up. During his high school days in Kingswood School in Bath, UK, he was very much influenced by his principal Mr Laurie Campbell who believed that pupils should be educated in body, mind and character so that they would be able to serve their country well. All these giants in Prof Lang’s life moulded him to be the generous and kind doctor that he is today. He with his equally capable wife Dr Anna Maria often opened their home to students for fellowship and adjustment to life in a new country. 

Prof Lang and his wife Dr. Anna Maria enjoy helping international students adapt to life in a new university abroad.

Prof Lang’s life goals are people-centred: to help his patients and his students. It is to this end that he worked so hard to successfully raise many grants for his research which is significant to the society. Prof Lang may be working  almost 11 000 km away but the impact of his research has helped University of Dundee to being ranked number 1 in the UK for impact under the Clinical Medicine category (2014) and its effect will reach the shores of Malaysia. Prof Lang has certainly made all his mentors proud as his research has served the world well. Go Forward Prof Lang!

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