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… because a few Good Teachers Cared


Woo Nam Seng (SC, school cert / MCE 1969) was adopted by a Chinese immigrant hawker whose 7th wife was childless at the Chinese Maternity Hospital at Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. Growing up in poverty, Nam Seng more commonly known as Davy Woo, remembered his home behind Imbi Chapel, KL as having no water and electricity supplies.


No Money No Talk

In MBS, he was quiet and timid and often felt it was a situation of “no money no talk”. He had several very good classmates who were well-off but he could not join them most of the time because he had no money. Eventually his classmates gave up inviting him. He was like the many invisible students in the school. Davy was a recipient of the daily Milo recess program for the needy. He worked on public holidays, and weekends to earn an extra dollar and left over (unsold) vegetables for the family and the squatter neighborhood. Then, in the evening, Davy would work at a hawker stall in Jalan Hicks to earn extra pocket money.

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Sivananthan, (Class of 1961, HSC) had parents who were strict disciplinarians.  His father was a Telecoms Engineer and his mother a housewife and their emphasis was on academic excellence and discipline. As his father was a friend of the then principal, Mr Mori, young Siva had to tow the line. This was because his father kept a constant watch on what was happening in school and so it comes as no surprise that while he was in MBS, he had no discipline problems and was not reprimanded by the teachers or the principal. His noteworthy achievement was when he was one of the 6 students in MBS who obtained a Grade 1 in his MCE back then.

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Dato’ Teo Chiang Quan strikes me as a leader who has the welfare of his staff very much at heart. His beginning was far from humble. His grandfather, the late Dato’ Teo Hang Sam was the Rice King of Malaya. From his grandfather and father, he learnt the values of diligence, honesty and frugality which helped him in the many business challenges he had to deal with in his family and working career.

On his many chauffeur-driven rides to school, his father, the late Mr Teo Soo Pin often pointed out the many students who had to walk and took the opportunity to remind him on how blessed he was, to always be humble and help those who were in need. Chiang Quan remembers his father’s advice well and never looked down upon others. His professional accountancy qualification was cut short by his father’s early demise. Despite his youth, he had to be a responsible son and take on from where his beloved father had left off.#

He realised very early in life that leadership has many responsibilities and the livelihood of those under his employment rested on his shoulder. In his own words, “But from the time I was given the opportunity to take over the company, I knew failure was not an option. I had to succeed. Like it or not, our success or failure affects the livelihood of many people.” With much determination and acumen, he has seen to the success of many business ventures, clinching many outstanding awards in the area of quality education and property development*.  His latest achievement is the prestigious The Property Man of the Year Award 2019.


Our former student (class of 1967,MCE), Dato’ Teo Chiang Quan clinching the Property Man of the Year Award 2019.

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That was the impression I had of Captain Ho Fooi (Rtd) PPA PJM when I interviewed him in MBS on 30.04.2019. His childhood home was an attap house among other attap houses at the Chinese gangster rough-area in Chan Sow Lin. They had no access to electricity and water. Studying was by oil lamp and water from the well nearby.  He gives credit to his mother who had the foresight to ‘force’ him to take extra classes for Chinese Language and Bahasa Melayu.

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