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Scheme of Work for English Form 1

Scheme of Work for English Form 2

Scheme of Work for English Form 3

Scheme of Work for English Form 4

Scheme of Work for English Form 5


Literature in English (EL)

Scheme of Work for EL Form 4

Scheme of Work for EL Form 5


26 JUNE 2011


Form 5
QUAH ZHONG YAO (2nd Place State Level)

Form 4
LIEW TUCK ONN (Finalists)

Form 3

Monday ( 11 July 2011 )
Opening Ceremony of the Language Week

Tuesday ( 12 July 2011 )
Unscramble Words

Wednesday ( 13 July 2011 )
Word Puzzle

Tuesday – Thursday ( 12 July 2011 – 14 July 2011 )
Spelling Bee

Thursday ( 14 July 2011 )
Treasure Hunt

Monday – Friday ( 11 July 2011 – 15 July 2011 )
Sales of English Tidbits

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MBS Team consisting of

Lai Yee Seng

Khiew Chun Hoe

Nigel Lum Kah Khei

Anson Chee Weng Kian

 Bernard Ho Chon Han

wins First Runner Up Law Apprentice, 7 August,2010, held at Law Faculty, HELP Institute.

Team 2 consists of Ow Ji Jim, Dhilip Kumar, Soh Yuen Wai , Jaspar Bong and Adrian Ong.



MBS Boys win 2nd Law Apprentice


7 August 2010

On the 23rd to 25th of July, MBSSKL sent 2 teams to fight in the war of words and wits with 80 other teams coming from different schools nationwide. The 1st National British Parliamentary Inter High School Debating Championship 2010 saw MBS team A which consisted of Vigknaraja and Michael Fork and MBS team B which was formed by Quah Zhong Yao and Chong Ther Zen.



41062_1556374226824_1159267027_31566695_2661796_nAfter an hour of grueling debate, MBS team A was announced as the champion. Vigknaraja was also announced as the 9th overall best speaker, with his partner, Michael Fork grabbing the title of the 8th overall best speaker. They also won in cash RM$2,000 and a 100% scholarship for any pre-university program sponsored by KDU college. They also brought home the Champion trophy.

4 MBS boys represented the school at the recent SIR contest and came back with 4th placing at state level. They are
1. Quah Zhong Yao
2. Liew Tuck Onn
3. Ng Wai Lam
4. Jeremy Phua Kok Beng

Ng Wai Lam was the best speller and he took home a plaque and RM1,500 in prizes

Mrs Yap, Quah Zhong Yao, Liew Tuck Onn, Ng Wai Lam and Jeremy Phua Kok Beng

Mrs Yap, Quah Zhong Yao, Liew Tuck Onn, Ng Wai Lam and Jeremy Phua Kok Beng


Kevin Chee

Kevin Chee

Here are pictures of the highly entertaining and interactive toastmasters training for Form 3 held at the Lecture theatre from Nov 10 to 12, 2009. Quite a number of boys spoke off the cuff and were evaluated by the Toastmasters. (More pictures at post:TOASTMASTERS TALK)

There will be a public speaking workshop for Form Three from Nov 10 to 11, 2009 at the Lecture Theatre.  The facilitators are Dr Sharon, Dr Devi Menon and NJ Singam from the Toastmasters of WIM (Women’s Institute of Management.  Below are some of the briefs and course outlines:



Introduction to Communication and Leadership training

Venue: Methodist Boy’s School

 Jln Hang Jebat, 50150 Kuala Lumpur

Nov 10, 11 and 12, 2009



DAY 1 ( Facilitators: Dr sharon, NJ Singam Dr Devi Menon)   Nov 10, 2009   Tuesday 

Role player

11.00 am

Call meeting to order   

11.05 am

Welcome speech by WIM Toastmasters Club  representative Dr Sharon

11.15 am


Communication and leadership training through Toastmasters

-The importance of public speaking

-The importance of leadership

-The importance of conducting a meeting, chairmanship

-The importance of mastering your listening skill 

Dr.Devi Menon

11.45 am

Introduction to public speaking

Characteristics of a good speech,

  • Introduction, Body, Conclusion
  • Ice Breaker Speech

Evaluation guide

NJ Singam

12.30 pm

Preparation for tomorrow P2

Q & A



Day 2 (Facilitator NJ Singam) Nov 11, 2009   Wed



Call meeting to order  


How to introduce the speaker guide NJ Singam

11.15 am

Impromptu speaking

Learn to speak off the cuff

The importance of impromptu speaking


11.25 am

Listening skill training

Evaluation , giving constructive feedback



Organize your speech

Introduction, body and conclusion

Vocal variety, body gesture

P2 presentation Any topics


12.30 pm

Evaluation……..Q & A  


Day 3 (DrSharon, NJ Singam)  Nov 12, 2009, Thur


11.00 am

Call meeting to order  

11.02 am

Table topics session Dr sharon


Evaluation of table topics NJ Singam


Ice breakers speech presentation

P2 speech presentation



Evaluation of speeches  


Q & A ,Appreciation Certificate to facilitator  

Project  #1:



Executive Summary:

For your first speech project, you will introduce yourself to your fellow club members and give them some information about your background, interests and ambitions. Practice giving your speech to friends or family members, and strive to make eye contact with some of your audience. You may use notes during your speech if you wish. Read the entire project before preparing your talk.



  • To begin speaking before an audience.
  • To discover speaking skills you already have and skills that need some attention.
  • Time: Three to Five minutes.


Note To The Evaluator:

In this speech the new member is to introduce himself/herself to the club and begin speaking before an audience. The speech should have a clear beginning, body and ending. The speaker has been advised to use notes if necessary and not to be concerned with body language. Be encouraging and point out the speaker’s strong points while gently and kindly mentioning areas that could be improved. Strive to have the speaker look forward to giving another speech. Your evaluation should help the speaker feel glad about joining Toastmasters and presenting this speech. In addition to your oral evaluation, please write answers to the questions below.






Nov 10-12 2009, program @Methodist boys school, Jln Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur

(Mrs. Tay Chong Kiat  0123372408)

Evaluation Guide for “THE ICE BREAKER”:


Title: _________________________________________________________


Evaluator:______________________________   Date: _________________



  1. What strong points does the speaker already have?





  1. How well did the audience get to know the speaker?





  1. Did the speech reflect adequate preparation?





  1. Did the speaker talk clearly and audibly?




  1. Did the speech have a definite opening, body and conclusion?




  1. Please comment on the speaker’s use of notes.





  1. What could the speaker have done differently that would have improved the speech






  1. What did you like about the presentation?








Project  #2:



Executive Summary:

Good speech organization is essential if your audience is to follow and understand your presentation. You must take the time to put your ideas together in an orderly manner. You can organize your speech in several different ways; choose the outline that best suits your topic. The opening should catch the audience’s attention, the body must support the idea you want to convey, and the conclusion should reinforce your ideas and be memorable. Transitions between thoughts should be smooth.



  • Select and appropriate outline which allows listeners to easily follow and understand your speech.
  • Make your message clear, with supporting material directly contributing to that message.
  • Use appropriate transitions when moving from one idea to another.
  • Create a strong opening and conclusion.
  • Time: Three to Five minutes.


Note To The Evaluator:

The speaker is to present a talk that is organized in a manner that leads the audience to a clearly defined goal. The speech includes a beginning, a body and a conclusion; major facts or ideas; and appropriate support material, with smooth transitions between the facts and ideas. In addition to your verbal evaluation, please complete this evaluation form by rating the speech in each category and offering comments or specific recommended action where warranted.

5 = Excellent

4 = Above average for the speaker’s experience level

3 = Satisfactory

2 = Could improve

1 = Needs attention





Nov 10-12 2009, program @Methodist boys school, Jln Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur

(Mrs. Tay Chong Kiat  0123372408)


Evaluation Guide for “ORGANIZE YOUR SPEECH


Title: _________________________________________________________


Evaluator:______________________________   Date: _________________







Speech Value

(Interesting, meaningful to audience)



5     4     3     2     1

Preparation (Research, rehearsal)



5     4     3     2      1


Organization (Logical, clear)



5     4     3     2      1


Opening (Attention-getting, led into topic)



5     4     3     2      1


Body (Flowed smoothly, appropriate support



5     4     3     2      1


Conclusion (Effective)



5     4     3     2      1


Transitions (Appropriate, helpful)



5     4     3     2      1


What could the speaker have done differently to make the speech more effective?






What did you like about the presentation?