11th MBSSKL Chess Open 2016 Results

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The official results of the 11th MBSSKL Chess Open 2016 can be viewed at the links below.

The results are also posted permanently in the chess-results server. The Final Ranking Crosstable will provide the complete pairings and results.

Thank you all for the participation and the great support. See you next year.

11th MBSSKL U12_Final_Ranking_List

11th MBSSKL U12_Category_Prizes

11th MBSSKL U20_Final_Ranking_List

11th MBSSKL U20_Category_Prizes



Help! Our canteen is sinking

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After more than 5 decades of wear and tear, the school canteen has been found to be in dire need to repairs and upgrades. Part of it, nearest to the retaining wall, is sinking. The retaining wall has also cracked due to water erosion. We need your help to upgrade this canteen urgently.  The canteen space is also very crammed due to the design. This upgrade will also consider the design of the stalls and any permissible space expansion beyond what we have now. Currently a group of alumni is helping out in the technical aspects of this upgrade, but funds are needed for this upgrade. Initial estimates show that, excluding furniture and fittings, the cost is about RM500,000.

We are making an urgent appeal to you – alumni, parents and well-wishers – to help us to raise funds on this project.

How can you help us?

You can donate individually by writing us a cheque payable to MBSSKL Building Fund or banking into this account via Maybank 564034443033.

If you or your group donates more than RM50,000, a memorial plaque, in honour of a person or persons whom you nominate, will be made and displayed at a prominent area.

For more information please contact us via mbscanteen@gmail.com or Wilfred Yeo at 012-2389816 /  012-682981 6 or Mr Ron Leong at 013-3362277 or school principal Wong Chee Kheon at 03-2078 2293


Sinking roof and cracks



Hari Kerjaya MBSSKL 2016

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hari kerjaya

Calling all Lower Six Applicants for 2016

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Form 6 has been the forte of MBSSKL for the past 60 year. Year in and year out, we have produced outstanding results in the STPM, and many of our students have been award winners at the national level. For the STPM 2015, MBSSKL is rated as the best school in KL in terms of number of students with a CGPA of 4.0. Our results speak for ourselves and foreign top universities like Hong Kong University and Nanyang Technology University have come to MBSSKL to sought after our students.

For students who are interested in enrolling in Lower Six in MBSSKL in 2016, please fill in the form below:

Lower Six Applicants

Please bear in mind that filling in the form does not mean you are ensured of a place in MBSSKL. It is just for us to contact you should there be vacancies so that we may advice you further on how to secure a place. All approvals are decided by the State Education Department.

Jadual Peperiksaan Pertengahan Tahun 2016

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Parenting Skill Talk with Dr Goh Chee Leong

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parenting skill

Parents can download the attendance form HERE or get  from school office Detail please call at 03-20782293