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The World through Our Senses
1.1 The Sensory Organs and Their Functions
1.2 The Sense of Touch
1.3 The Sense of Smell
1.4 The Sense of Taste
1.5 The Sense of Hearing
1.6 The Sense of Sight
1.7 Light and Sight
1.8 Sound and Hearing
1.9 The Stimuli and Responses in Plants

2.1 The Classes of Food
2.2 The Importance of a Balanced Diet
2.3 The Human Digestive System
2.4 The Process of Absorption of Digested Food
2.5 The Reabsorption of Water and Defecation
2.6 Practicing the Habits of Healthy Eating

3.1 The Variety of Living Organisms and Their Classification

Interdependence among Living Organisms and the Environment
4.1 The Interdependence among Living Organisms
4.2 Interaction between Living Organisms
4.3 Food Web
4.4 Photosynthesis
4.5 The Importance of Conservation and Preservation of Living Organisms

Water and Solutions
5.1 The Physical Characteristics of Water
5.2 The Composition of Water
5.3 The Process of Evaporation of Water
5.4 Solutions and Solubility
5.5 Acids and Alkalis
5.6 Methods of Water Purification
5.7 The Water Supply System
5.8 Preservation of Water Quality